Second Stage Series

The Southern California Shakespeare Festival's Second Stage Series  continues during Season 15 to support new plays and stage readings of contemporary and classical works. Please join us for this exciting new theatrical venue. The SCSF Second Stage Series takes place on Sept. 1 after the 2:00p.m. Matinee and Saturday  Sept. 7 immediately following “Titus Andronicus," at approximately 10:15 p.m. 
"Caminos: A Mother's Journey "  by Teatro Liberado.  
Caminos: A Mother's Journey tells the story of immigrant, Hispanic mothers who traveled to the United States through a series of moments . These moments and monologues are derived from interviews.  Teatro Liberado company members interviewed their own mothers and relatives, translated the interviews into English, and created a first person insight to the story of immigrant, Hispanic  women.  Teatro Liberado (liberated theatre ) is committed to speaking the stories of voices who have been silenced and aims to showcase that in this debut devised work.