About Us

Proud to be EOP!

“EOP offers the resources that are essential for students to succeed.  It offers you a helping hand as long as you are willing to take its grasp.” – German Lagunas-Robles, Sociology Major

At Cal Poly Pomona, EOP continues to operate today as the University's first and most comprehensive post- secondary access and equity program. Established in 1969, the program serves low-income, typically first generation, students who demonstrate the motivation and potential to succeed in college.

ACCESS- Although 99 percent of EOP students entering Cal Poly Pomona meet the University's regular admission requirements, the program offers access to a limited number of first-time freshmen who do not qualify for regular admission.

EQUITY- EOP promotes equity ("leveling the playing field") by providing participants with a broad range of support services throughout their undergraduate enrollment, as long as they maintain full-time status, make satisfactory academic progress, and fulfill program requirements.

Cal Poly Pomona EOP students represent a diverse group of students who are motivated, hard-working, and successful college students.  Each year, EOP is limited to admitting only 400 – 500 of the University’s thousands of incoming students.  Cal Poly Pomona EOP students, both current and alumni, exude a great deal of pride in the program.