Current Students

Undeclared EOP Students

First Year Experience 
The Educational Opportunity Program's (EOP) First Year Experience is a year long program designed to assist the entering undeclared EOP student with transitioning from high school to college. This program begins with the participation in the New EOP Student Welcome and continues on during the Fall and Spring semesters. Activities include regular individual advising sessions with an assigned EOP academic advisor, periodic contacts with our Peer Advising Interns, and completion of a wide variety of major/career exploration activities to better understand your own interests, strengths, values while exploring the various major/career options available to you at Cal Poly Pomona.

How often do I see my EOP advisor? 
EOP requires its undeclared majors to meet with their advisor a minimum of two times per academic term during the first year of attendance. These advising sessions are spread out throughout the term to effectively monitor students' progress toward their academic and personal goals for each semester. Some students may be asked to visit their advisors more frequently depending on specific needs of the students. Please review your Advising Syllabus for the advising schedule. Appointments may be made in person (bldg. 94-121) or by phone (909) 869-3360.

When must I declare a major? 
University policy states that undeclared majors must declare an academic major by the end of the second semester in attendance at the university. EOP Undeclared students may petition to declare a major sooner than this, but will still be expected to meet with thier assigned EOP academic advisor a minimum of two times per term during their first year as part of the first year experience.

Declared EOP Students

First Year Experience 
The Educational Opportunity Program's (EOP) First Year Experience for incoming declared native and transfer students is a year long program designed to assist with the transition from high school or community college to Cal Poly Pomona.  This program begins with the New EOP Student Welcome event that occurs prior to your first term  and continues on during the Fall and Spring semesters of the first year of attendance.  Activities include regular participation in group advising sessions; connecting with Peer Advising Interns to prepare for advising and for general transition tips and strategies/questions, completion of various academic advising activity sheets, occasional participation in student success/financial literacy workshops, and full participation in academic courses.

EOP Advising Services

EOP offers supplemental advising for its students who have declared an academic major. Primary academic advisement occurs with the student's academic/major department. All EOP declared students are expected to seek  academic advisement from their respective major department especially with issues concerning degree requirements, course scheduling, and other career track or option related topics.

EOP Academic advisors offer assistance with issues related to understanding university policy, academic regulations, financial aid, and discussing personal and transitional issues effecting academic performance and staying on track to graduation.

How often do I see my EOP advisor? 
EOP requires its declared majors to meet with an assigned academic advisor a minimum of one time per academic term during the first year of attendance and annually after that until graduation. EOP offers a comprehensive Group Advising Program from admission to graduation for its EOP students.

These group advising sessions are supplemental to major advisement and focus on assisting the EOP student throughout their academic career at the university. These sessions are designed to ensure students are making connections with their major advisor regularly, to assist with making effective choices about program courses and load, finding appropriate academic support services, and developing effective problem-solving skills related to personal and transitional issues which may affect academic performance.

Please refer to the EOP Advising Syllabus and Group Advising Schedule on our website for specific dates and times of our group advising sessions each term.

Who is my Faculty or Major Advisor?
Faculty or major advisors are university faculty and/or professional staff advisors assigned advising responsibility in a particular academic department. These individuals are available to assist students with planning academic programs, course scheduling, and career track planning. Each college and department varies in how it offers academic advising to its students. Declared EOP students are expected to contact their major or academic department early in the first semester to identify a faculty/major advisor.