EOP Peer Mentors

Vanessa Cerano

Why I mentor students . . . I enjoy seeing others succeed. I want to be able to use my experience of being a first-generation college student and help those who need guidance and support.




Alondra Delgado

Why I mentor students . . .  because it is my passion to help people; I like to give support, guidance, and care in hopes of making a positive change in someone’s life.




Gardenia Fernandez

Why I mentor students . . . to help students feel more self-confident, and to support and guide them throughout their college journeys.




Binnie Karki

Why I mentor students . . . to share my experience and knowledge with them and assist them in their journey as an additional accessible resource.




Veronica Macias

Why I mentor students . . . because I want students to know that they are not alone in the journey through school. I want to help inspire other students to succeed, and I want to be a resource if any student needs help along the way.




Nereida Negrete

Why I mentor students . . .  so I can be an active listener during their college journey, and help students grow and develop their problem-solving skills by providing the proper resources.




Gisselle Ramirez

Why I mentor students . . . because I want students to know that they are not alone. I will be here to empower them and to help them become autonomous learners.




Daniela Valdez

Why I mentor students . . .  because of my own experience as a first-gen. student. My first-year experience was rough until I reached out to my Peer Mentor. My Peer Mentor helped by directing me to various resources that I didn’t even know about. I want to be that resource for students who may be in my shoes now. Every day as a Peer Mentor you not only teach your mentees, but as a mentor, you learn too. 




Mandi Villanueva

Why I mentor students . . . to apply my experiences to help others in the ways that I have been helped through collaboration and a desire to promote growth through every opportunity.