Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who may attend and how to apply?

If you have been admitted as an EOP student, and have submitted your EOP Acceptance Agreement, you will be invited to participate in a the Summer Bridge Information Session. Only those who attend the Informational Session will be given information on how to apply. Once you have completed the Summer Bridge Application and we have received all your application components, your name will be placed on the list for consideration. You will be notified by mid-May if you have been selected to participate.

2. Are there any more requirements for attending Summer Bridge?

The University requires that you submit your high school transcript, including the 8th semester and showing that you have graduated, to the University Admissions Office by July 15th.  Should your final high school transcript not be received by this date, your offer of admission to the University will be rescinded, and therefore your EOP admission offer would be canceled. 

3. What will the Summer Bridge schedule be and how will it work remotely?

The program schedule and virtual model will be shared during our online Summer Bridge information session. Therefore, it is important that all students attend this mandatory information session as we will be covering important information about the Summer Bridge program. 

4. Should I attend the University Orientation?

Yes, you must register to attend orientation prior to starting Summer Bridge. For more information regarding Orientation Services click on this website

5. May I work during Summer Bridge?

You may not work on weekdays during Summer Bridge. We strongly advice that you do not work on weekends either. Summer Bridge is a comprehensive program. Due to the intensity of classes, workshops, seminars, tutorials, and activities, students are not permitted to work during program dates. Students will have homework to complete and studying to do during the weekend.  

6. If I cannot attend all days, can I participate for part of the program?

No. Summer Bridge is designed as a comprehensive program where students will be taking a college course or participating in an academic component, an advising seminar, one to one peer mentoring and participating in workshops that cover state-mandated topics. Students who are selected are required to make a full commitment to the program for the whole duration of the program.

7. Can I with withdraw my participation from the Summer Bridge program once it has started?

Although Summer Bridge is free of cost to participants, students who withdraw after a designated date may be charged for the cost of summer tuition and fees, which is approximately $3,000.  


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