Summer Bridge Support Services

All Summer Bridge program participants get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Cal Poly Pomona campus culture prior to their first Fall term. Summer Bridge is also intended to help students develop meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and peers to cultivate academic and personal support networks that will enhance their college experience and support their overall success through graduation.

The following are some of the support services Summer Bridge students will have access to:

Academic Coursework

Students will be enrolled in an academic component through an Ethnic and Women's Studies (EWS) class, giving Summer Bridge students an opportunity to get a head start, learn about the academic rigor of college courses, and engage with faculty one on one. 

Advising Seminars

Students will participate in an Advising Seminar led by our EOP Academic Advisors. EOP Advisors will be available throughout the Summer Bridge program to assist students in navigating academic policies and procedures and share information about majors, scheduling classes, etc.

Academic Resources


Students will receive assistance from Peer Tutors for their academic related work, as well as study strategies to support Summer Bridge students in their academic success during the program and when the school year begins.

Study Hall

Students will be expected to participate in study hall to ensure students develop strong study habits and dedicate the appropriate amount of time to become successful in college. Group study will be encouraged during this period.

Computer Lab Access

Students will have access to the University Library's 24-hour computer lab as well as to a computer lab in the Residence Halls to complete course assignments. Students are welcome to bring their own computer and printer to Summer Bridge, however, Summer Bridge is not responsible for stolen or damaged equipment.

Residential Life

Students will have the opportunity to experience both living on campus and commute to campus while being mentored by Resident Advisors and a Residence Life Coordinator. Resident Advisors and the Residence Life Coordinator are staff members intended to assist students with community development, academic support programming, and community safety and are eager to make students residence hall experience enjoyable. Summer Bridge is a “closed campus” program. In order to ensure student safety and for the students to obtain the greatest benefit from the program, participants will stay on campus. Families may ONLY visit their student’s room when the program starts, at check-in, and when the program ends, at check-out. There are no visitation hours during the week as this encourages students to take advantage of their Summer Bridge experience, to make new friends and study effectively.

Staff Support and Campus Resources

Beyond having access to the support from Summer Bridge program staff students will also have many opportunities to engage with professional staff from other essential departments such as: Financial Aid and Scholarships, University Housing Services, Career Center, Student Health and Counseling Services, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers, and Disability Resource Center.

Activities, Workshops, and Guest Speakers

Students will have an opportunity to engage in a variety of co-curricular activities that promote community building, leadership development, personal wellness, and much more! 

Contact Information

For general Summer Bridge information, contact us at