EOP Transfer Bridge

Program Overview: What is Transfer Bridge?

Transfer Bridge (TB) is a FREE comprehensive, three-day summer transition program designed to assist Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) transfer students transition from community college to the university setting by providing a wide range of educational, personal, social, and cultural enrichment opportunities. We understand our EOP transfer students come to Cal Poly Pomona with unique lived experiences and a wealth of knowledge and skill sets yet transitioning to a new college environment can be intimidating. In just three days, students will be provided with campus resources, community connections, and additional support services that will enhance their skills and success as a Cal Poly Pomona Bronco.

Program Benefits: Why attend Transfer Bridge?

By participating in Transfer Bridge students will get a head start in their college journey and build essential skills that will facilitate their transition and success at Cal Poly Pomona. Participants will be introduced to a wide range of resources and will benefit from the following support services:

Educational Support

Student Development 

Supplemental 1:1 Academic Advising

Workshop on Understanding Transfer Credit Report

Student Success Coaching

Personal Development Wellbeing/Counseling

Community and Social Events

Cultural and Academic Enrichment Opportunties

Community Building Activities

Student Leadership Opportunities

Building Support Networks

Exposure to Campus Life

Workshops with Campus Partners (Financial Aid, Library Research Tools and Resources, and much more!)

Motivational Speakers

Student Testimonials: Hear it from them!

 We asked students to share with us how they would describe their Transfer Bridge experience:

“Transfer Bridge gives a deeper understanding of Cal Poly and what they offer in order to ensures student’s success” ​
-Transfer Bridge 2020 Student
“After completing the three-day program event, I felt more knowledgeable of the available resources in CPP. In addition, the program gives the feeling of being welcomed and makes us know that we are not alone in our transition from community college to a university. Thanks to the TB event, I realized that I was not the only one feeling overwhelmed about my classes and registration deadlines. The TB staff address topics related to financial aid, counseling, and internships. All the content discussed in those three days gave me the big picture of what to expect once the semester would begin and that made me feel more prepared.”​   
-Transfer Bridge 2020 Student

Program Eligibility: What do I need to be Eligible?

Program eligibility is BY INVITATION ONLY and is open to incoming EOP transfer students who meet the following:

1. Must be admitted to both CPP and EOP (Click here for EOP Admissions website)
*After you have been admitted to both CPP and EOP you will receive an email with more information about Transfer Bridge.
2. Complete Transfer Bridge Application Process
*Transfer Bridge Application link is shared with student via email.
3. Must have attended CPP Orientation/Advising Registration prior to Transfer Bridge program dates (Click here for Orientation Services website)
*Orientation attendance will be verified.
4. Can attend and participate in all Transfer Bridge Program dates and components
*Due to the Programs structured schedule and limited capacity, participants must attend all dates and components of the program- No exceptions

Application Process: How do I Apply?

In order to be considered and receive the Transfer Bridge unique application link, students must be fully admitted to EOP. Incoming EOP transfer students will receive the application link inviting them to apply via email in July. Once the Transfer Bridge Application process is fully complete and application components are received, applicants will be notified by the end of July regarding their Transfer Bridge program status. For additional information, students are encouraged to check their CPP email.

Step 1 - Attend Online TB Information Session in July. Step 2 - Submit and complete all TB application Components. Step 3 - Confirm TB Acceptance
*Step 1: Attend Online TB Information Session in May. Step 2: Submit and Complete all TB Application Components. Step 3: Confirm TB Acceptance.
*To be fully considered all EOP and Transfer Bridge program deadlines must be met.
If selected to participate, daily attendance and participation in program components is mandatory as students will be engaged in a wide range of academic workshops, advising seminars, community building and enrichment activities. 
Renaissance Scholars students:  Transfer Bridge participation is mandatory for all incoming Renaissance Scholars transfer students.

Program Dates:


Wednesday, August 11th - Friday, August 13th

(8:30 am - 1:00 pm​)

*Due to the program structured schedule and limited capacity, participants must attend all dates and components of the program- No exceptions.

Contact Information:

For questions and more information on Transfer Bridge, email us at: transferbridge@cpp.edu 

Transfer Bridge 2018 

*Transfer Bridge 2018 Group Photo