Strategic Communications staff can provide support in campus issues that require experienced and professional communication. We also provide media training, consultation and assist in communication management. For more information, contact the Department of Strategic Communications at (909) 869-3342.

Electronic Marquee  In partnership with Parking &Transportation Services, Strategic Communications manages the electronic marquee signs at the corner of Temple Avenue and Valley Boulevard as well as on Kellogg Drive near the 10 freeway off-ramp. The university’s electronic marquees are used to communicate major university-related activities or news. Their use is available to university-recognized organizations and activities sponsored by departments. The marquees may also be used to publicize community, state, or national events that pertain to the university. For more information, email or view the online Marquee Request Form.

Emergency Communication — In the event of an emergency, Strategic Communications will assist Cal Poly Pomona in providing crucial information as quickly as the situation allows. Information will be distributed through a variety of sources including: the Safety Alert System (a voice, e-mail, text message blast), university email, the Cal Poly Pomona home page, PolyCentric online news, the Emergency Hotline at (866) 869-POLY (7659), electronic marquees and more. Learn more on the Campus Safety.

Mass Email Communication — Outside of emergency communication and publications, Strategic Communications managers are moderators of the university mass email system. Employees who wish to email large categories of people, such as all students, all faculty, all staff and all auxiliary staff should contact their division moderator approval manager for more information. Mass email communication is limited to safety issues and issues that have been designated university priorities.

Strategic Communication — As the university’s central communication office, Strategic Communications develops the university’s communication strategy. Learn more by reading our key communication goals.