The committee is charged with developing a new University Strategic Plan that will serve as a blueprint for Cal Poly Pomona’s future.

Committee members will also lead efforts to evaluate the university’s polytechnic identity and the advantages it provides to students and graduates. The polytechnic identity is one of four key questions facing the committee.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee members:

  • Soraya M. Coley, university president (committee co-chair)
  • Sylvia A. Alva, provost and vice president of academic affairs (committee co-chair)
  • Lisa Alex, professor and presidential fellow for strategic planning
  • Lea Dopson, dean of The Collins College of Hospitality Management
  • Sep Eskandari, interim associate vice president for academic planning, policy & faculty affairs
  • Jun Myers, associate professor and Academic Senate representative
  • Francelina Neto, professor and Academic Senate representative
  • Martin Sancho-Madriz, professor and Academic Senate representative
  • Rachel P. Dominguez, former president of Staff Council
  • Sarah De La Parra, president of Staff Council
  • Diane Miller, Director, Cybersecurity, Northrop Grumman
  • Joan Robinson-Berry, Vice President, Supplier Management, Share Service Group, Boeing
  • Julie Shen, former Chair of Academic Senate
  • Tim Lynch, associate vice president for strategic communication and marketing
  • Uriah Sanders, ASI president
  • Gabriel Smith, ASI vice president
  • Lea M. Jarnagin, vice president for student affairs
  • David Speak, professor and Academic Senate Chair

Ad-hoc members:

  • John McGuthry, vice president and CIO, Information Technology
  • G. Paul Storey, executive director of the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation
  • Kathy Street, former acting vice president, Student Affairs
  • Danielle Manning, vice president and CFO, Administrative Affairs
  • Daniel Montplaisir, vice president, University Advancement
  • Heather Brown, associate vice president, Institutional Research, Planning and Analytics
  • Paulette Blumberg, executive assistant to the President
  • Esther Chou Tanaka, director of Public Affairs
  • Gary A. Hamilton, chief of staff to the President

*ad-hoc members will provide advice and support to the committee but will not vote on issues.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee Meeting Minutes: