Development of the Plan

A CALL TO ACTION: A Commitment to Success

The Strategic Plan was developed through an inclusive and collaborative process involving the full university community.

In early 2016, the university launched the Strategic Planning initiative and formed a Steering Committee with faculty members appointed from the Academic Senate, staff members, students and administrators from diverse groups within the campus and the external community.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, community members and campus partners shared their insights in person and online. The committee gathered feedback from 27 open forums and focus groups and 10,000 responses to survey questions.

An overarching task for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee was to examine, with campus engagement, the university’s polytechnic identity for the 21st century, how it fits into the future of higher education, and the advantages it provides to students and graduates. The process developed a refreshed mission, vision, values and strategic initiatives and goals.