Division of Student Affairs


Assessment Timeline

July - August: Planning managers meet with their teams to plan for the upcoming academic year.

Mid August: Departments enter completed Assessment Plans to the Planning module.

September - October: Collegial feedback on Assessment Plans (A-Team). Departments make changes to plan based on recommendations from the team. Submit revised Assessment Plan whenever there are changes.

August - November: Implement Assessment Project(s) for department/program outcomes.

November: Collect data, discuss the results with department team, and modify the plan as necessary.

December: Report on assessment data collected in the Fall semester (or Spring semester). 

January - May: Implement and collect data on Assessment Project(s) for department/program outcomes.

June - July: Report on assessment data collected in Spring semester (or Fall semester) and submit annual department/program higlights and accomplishments for the Impact Report.

Analyze Fall and Spring semester data for action planning (What does this data tell us?).  Department/Program Managers meet with teams to:

  • Review assessment data
  • Discuss whether student achievement is meeting expectations (i.e. numbers of students exceeding, meeting, approaching, or not meeting standards for each outcome). (Where are our students’ performances below expectations?).
  • Review previous  Action Plan’s effect on student achievement as evidenced in the assessment data (i.e.  Did the changes improve students’ success of knowledge and skills related to the learning outcomes?).
  • Review assessment tools to determine if anything needs to be added or modified. (How can we improve our program and assessment process? What is working well and should be continued? Did the assessment methods used effectively collect data about what our students have learned? What are our criteria for success? What does it look like when a student  can______? ).
  • Develop an  Action Plan for the coming academic year(s) along with any changes needed to be made to the current  Assessment Plan.