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Understanding the Issues

Taking time to understand a candidate's position on key issues and policy is an important aspect of the voting process, but individuals running for office are not the only thing on the ballot. In this year's General Election, you'll also find proposed bonds and various California state propositions. Understanding the impact of these ballot measures are just as, if not more, important when exercising your right to vote!

Thankfully, every voter receives an official Voter Information Guide that lists items on the ballot in detail, including arguments for and against proposed measures. Use this guide to make informed decisions when you vote -- you can even bring it with you to the polls for reference.

Be on the lookout for an online PDF of the Voter Information Guide for the next election. If you want additional printed copies, contact your local county elections office or call (800) 345-VOTE.

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Party Nominated Offices

The party nominating the candidate is listed with the candidate's name. Voters may write in the name of a candidate whose name is not listed.

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Measures Submitted to the Voters

Examples: State propositions or local ballot measures.

The people of California have the power to place propositions on the ballot through the voter initiative process. This includes initiatives to amend the state Constitution or other state laws, as well as referenda to overturn certain legislatively enacted laws.

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Nonpartisan Offices

Examples: School offices, county offices, city offices, special district offices

The party preference is shared only at the discretion of the candidate. Voters may write in the name of a candidate whose name is not on the ballot.

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Voter-Nominated Offices

Examples: US Representative, State Board of Equalization Member, State Senator, Member of the State Assembly

The party preference of the candidate is listed on the ballot. Voters may not write in the name of a candidate whose name is not on the ballot.