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 Get out the Vote

Why is it Important to Vote?

The right to vote in America should never be taken for granted. While today, most American citizens over the age of 18 are entitled to vote, this was not the case for many marginalized groups throughout history. In fact, some laws make an attempt to disinfranchise voters even today. 

Four Simple Reasons to Vote

  1. Voting in local, state and national elections is one of the most important duties of an engaged citizen. Voters, and especially young voters, have the power to sway an election.
  2. The outcome of elections directly shapes policy that impacts our lives. This is especially true for state and local officials, who are responsible for legislation that directly impacts the state, county and city in which you live.
  3. Elections can be decided by razor-thin margins. As an example, the 2000 General Election between George W. Bush and Al Gore came down to 537 votes in the state of Florida. Every vote counts.
  4. Many citizens around the world do not have a chance to vote in elections.


It is your right privilege and responsibility to vote. Since the start of our nation, many people have worked hard and sacrificed so that we can have the right to vote. Every time you exercise that right, our democracy grows stronger.
Every vote counts. Your vote ensures that your voice is heard on important issues that affect the future of our state and nation. There is power in numbers and many elections have been decided by a single vote.
Protect your interests. Participating in elections ensures that your community has elected officials and judges who make decisions on laws and justice that reflects you values. As a voter, you will help decide who will lead us