Division of Student Affairs


Photos of events produced from DSA committees: CPP Fest, Orientation, and Bronco LEADership series


The Division of Student Affairs is involved in numerous working groups and planning committees at Cal Poly Pomona.

DSA Committees Include:

  • Assessment Team
  • Celebrations and Community Building
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Plan for Action
  • Focus on Finals
  • Professional Development 
  • Staff Recognition
  • Student Affairs Climate
  • Student Engagement Experience @CPP
  • Student Success - GI 2025 and Beyond
  • And more...

Assessment Team

Team Charge:

  • In consultation with the Educational Learning and Assessment Specialist, develop metrics for the divisional and campus strategic plan.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for Student Affairs staff to learn about assessment and evidence-based data through workshop and/or conferences.
  • Provide consultation to assist Student Affairs departments working on their assessment plan.

Report and make recommendations to the Executive Leadership Team on options to improve assessment and data collection/sharing,

Celebrations and Community Building

  • This committee will plan, coordinate and implement a wide range of events that promote networking, team-building and a sense of community among Student Affairs staff.
  • Develops staff appreciation events,such as the end of the semester/end of year events.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Plan for Action

In alignment with CPP’s Commitment to Action, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee will identify and develop a plan for the division that will encompass concrete actions the division can take to improve the diversity of our staff and create a welcoming environment and anti-racist practices for all students at CPP.

Focus on Finals

Focus on Finals is a campus-wide initiative for CPP students to have additional time to study, de-stress, and stay focused. The committee identifies, collects and markets programs pre- finals and finals week, as well as identifies spaces for study and support.

Professional Development

Provides opportunities and resources to enrich the professional growth of staff members through a wide range of development opportunities including professional presentations and webinars, technology training, book discussion groups.

Staff Recognition

The Recognition Committee will review past divisional award categories in conjunction with divisional values in developing consistent divisional awards moving forward. The committee will develop the award criteria, nomination timeline, and make final recommendations to Student Affairs cabinet.

Student Affairs Climate

Reviews available data and develops a plan of action to guide the Division of Student Affairs efforts around campus climate. This allows the Division to keep a pulse on issues impacting students, allowing for a proactive approach in learning early enough that interventions can be deployed.

Student Engagement Experience @CPP

Goals of the Student Engagement Experience are as follows:

  • Create a curricular approach with a paradigm shift from traditional educational approaches to an intentional, developmentally sequenced one, defined by our campus mission and purpose.
  • Staff members using a Curricular Approach first identify clear learning goals and outcomes grounded in the history, culture, mission, and purpose of CPP.
  • Staff members will identify student engagement strategies that can provide opportunities for students to achieve the learning goals and outcomes.
  • Goals are sequenced, pedagogy rooted in scholarship of teaching and learning, and campus partners incorporated from throughout the campus.
  • A curricular approach that uses assessment to inform a process of continuous improvement.

Student Success - GI 2025 and Beyond

This committee is responsible for identifying and recommending best practices to be utilized within the Division of Student Affairs to increase the retention of students with an emphasis on first generation, low income, and students of color.