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About the Program

The Early Start Bronco Scholars Program is an exclusive opportunity available this summer (June 23-August 6) for Early Start students who need support in math  and will be starting at Cal Poly Pomona in Fall 2021. During the 6-week online program, students will have the opportunity to:

    • Complete the first half of a math course towards their General Education (GE) B4 math requirement
    • Opportunity to earn up to $350 in scholarships toward their Spring semester
    • Benefit from 1:1 advising/coaching 
    • Learn about campus resources and how to navigate the university
    • Opportunity to make new friends and meet faculty
    • Acclimate to online learning and accessing resources virtually
    • Get a head start to college life
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Bronco Scholars Info Session

Learn more about the Bronco Scholars program at our upcoming info session!

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Bronco Scholars 2021-22

If you would like to be considered for the 2021-22 Bronco Scholars Program, fill out our interest form. 

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Student Testimonials

"I made many new friends I didn't expect to make. I became very comfortable around campus. I got to experience dorm life and commuting life. I feel involved in campus. I feel like I spent those 5 weeks in a productive matter and that I am very prepared for future courses due to the quality of teaching and advising I received." -2017-18 Bronco Scholar

"My experience with the Bronco Scholars Program was very beneficial because I've make new friends that I connected with. The guidance I received was helpful. I know my way around campus, and I know what's like to be a student at Cal Poly Pomona." -2017-18 Bronco Scholar

"I loved my experience at the Bronco Scholars program! It made me feel more confident in my writing skills and made me feel ready for this incoming fall semester." -2017-18 Bronco Scholar

"As a result of this program, I found a reason for believing in myself." -2017-18 Bronco Scholar