How Do I Sign Up?

Early Start registration will open on April 22, 2019 to students required or recommended to participate in the Early Start Program. 

CPP will host an Early Start Information Session so students and families can learn more about their Early Start requirement. Visit the Early Start Information Session page for more information.

Enrolling in Early Start

Instructions for Students Attending CPP in Fall 2019 (Click to View)

All incoming CPP students are highly encouraged to complete Early Start at CPP to ensure the shortest pathway to completing your GE English and/or math requirements. Use the instructions below to register in Early Start Courses.

CPP Early Start Registration Instructions

Instructions for Students Attending Another CSU in Fall 2019 (Click to View)

1. Make sure you select CPP in the Early Start Program page within your own CSU campus student portal.

2. Within 2-5 days, you'll receive an email with information on how to claim your CPP student account.Your account will provide you with your CPP email address, BroncoName and password. After you claim your account, you'll follow the instructions below to enroll in and pay for Early Start classes at CPP.

CPP Early Start Registration Instructions