Early Start Program Fees 2019 


Important Notice: Fees for the summer term are based on the number of units in which you enroll. Summer Early Start fees are discounted from regular semester rates, making it very cost effective. Fees are subject to change based on fee increase approval. In addition to the course fees above, students will also be charged a $1 Health Facilities and $1 Student Union fee at each campus they are enrolled in. 
**If you are a student completing Early Start at another CSU campus and not your home campus, make sure that you have included the campus you will be completing Early Start on your FAFSA to be considered for summer term financial aid at that campus. To update this information just login to your FAFSA and make the necessary changes. Please note that changes to your FAFSA take a few weeks to process **


CSU Early Start Fee Waivers

CSU course fee waivers are available to California residents who apply for financial aid (FAFSA or Dream Application) and have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $5,500 or less. Waivers are available to cover the cost of Early Start courses only (housing, textbooks, parking is not covered). 

Important Notice: You are encouraged to submit your FAFSA and any changes no later than May 30. FAFSA applications and changes submitted after this date cannot be guaranteed to be processed in time for your consideration of the CSU Early Start fee waiver. In addition, students eligible for the Early Start CSU Fee Waiver must successfully complete the  Early Start course they enrolled in to receive the waiver or they will be responsible for the full cost of the course. This includes students who fail to withdraw from a course they do not intend to take or students who receive no credit for a course (either a grade of NC or WU).

Cal Poly Pomona Summer Grant

Students that are not eligible for the Early Start fee waiver may qualify for the Cal Poly Pomona Summer Grant to cover the cost of course fees. To be considered for a Cal Poly Summer Grant, students must submit a 2019-2020 FAFSA or Dream Act application for AB 540 students and enroll in at least 4 units. The Cal Poly Pomona grant will cover the cost of Early Start courses only (housing, textbooks, parking is not covered).

For additional aid (e.g. housing, books) students are encouraged to complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA by May 30. Contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships for additional information.