African American Student Center

African American Student Center

Your doorway to the Black community on campus

The AASC is committed to assisting African/African American/Black college students in successfully completing their degree programs. The Center provides retention and outreach programs and services that stimulate growth and development, and is dedicated to preparing students for leadership and promotes academic excellence.

The AASC is also characterized by the African proverb “it takes an entire village to raise one child.” This is evident in the AASC's interconnectedness with the campus and surrounding community. These components enhance the educational experience of African/African American/Black students at Cal Poly Pomona, resulting in the enrichment of the entire community.

The Symbol of the African American Student Center

The Sankofa is depicted on many of our publications. The Sankofa is derived from the West African Akan people. “SE WO WERE FI NA WOSANKOFA A YENKYI” translated means: “it is no taboo to return and fetch it when you forget.” This symbol of wisdom and learning teaches us that “to move forward, one must reclaim the past.”