Preparing for Your Trip

The first steps to preparing for your international travel is completing:

  1. Memorandum to the Provost requesting the travel
  2. Authorization to travel on state business form.   

Both documents must be received by the Provost’s office 30 days prior to the travel departure date.  If travelling to a high hazard country, they must be submitted to our office 40 days prior to the departure date.

To see if the country you are traveling to is considered high hazard, please click on the following links:

Travel Advisories

CSURMA High Hazard List

For information on the Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) please visit the Risk Management website below or contact Whitney Fields:  Executive Director, Institutional Risk & Emergency Management (Interim Risk Manager) at Ext. 3988 or JaVonnie Bryant: Business Continuity/Recovery Analyst at Ext. 4751 

Risk Management

Below you will find helpful information to completing the two required documents for your international travel request.

Completing the Memorandum to the Provost Requesting International Travel

The following information must be included in your memo:

  • Justification for the international travel and the nature of all activities (i.e. to attend conference or present research)

If traveler is traveling with students, please indicate the student(s) names.

  • Locations you will be traveling to (indicate if it’s a high hazard country)
  • Dates of travel
  • Estimated cost of trip
  • Funding source

Indicate the chartfield string if being paid by Cal Poly Pomona or if the traveler  or another source of funding is paying for the expenses)

  • Emergency contact information

Name of U.S. Emergency Contact, U.S. Emergency Contact Email.  (If no email address, please provide a phone number.)

  • For faculty, an explanation of class coverage, if applicable
  • Dean should sign memo

Sample Memos

Authorization to Travel on State Business Form

Here is a link to the fillable 1A form (.pdf):

1A Form (Auth. to Travel)- 4/2018

Completing the 1A form

Below you will find helpful information to completing each section of the form.  If a section does not apply to your travel, please indicate N/A. 

  • Purpose of Travel

Must indicate the purpose of travel.  Include as much detail as possible.  (i.e. name of conference or description of the meeting)

If the traveler is traveling with students, please indicate that in this section.

  • Expected Lodging

If expected amount is over the per diem rate (per night, excluding taxes), you must include a justification for the exceeded rate.  In addition, you must have your HEERA manager sign on the “Approved by President/Vice President or designee” line in the “Expected Lodging” area.

For the current per diem rates, here is a link to the Defense Travel Management Office webpage,

Per Diem Rates Query

  • Dates of Official State Business & Dates of Personal Travel

Must indicate the start and end date and time of official state business and personal travel. 

  • Destination(s)

Must include travel destination.

  • Traveling by

Must indicate the method of transportation to be used. 

  • Certification of Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements and Condition of Vehicle

The traveler must sign on the line certifying the information provided is true and correct. 

  • Name of person preparing form, if different than traveler

The name of the travel designee for the college/unit as well as their phone extension must be included if the traveler themselves did not complete the form. 

  • The Person Names Above Has Been Approved for State Travel As Described

For faculty, the following signatures are required in the order listed below:

    1. Department Chair
    2. Associate Dean/Dean
    3. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

For administrators who directly report to the Provost, the following signature is required:

    1.  Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

For travel to high hazard country, the following signatures are required for all travelers in the order listed below:

    1. Department Chair
    2. Associate Dean/Dean
    3. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
    4. University President (In the event that the President is off campus, the VP for Administrative Affairs must approve)
  • Funding Source – PeopleSoft Chartfield String

A chartfield string number must be included if you indicated that expenses are being paid by Cal Poly Pomona.  If you do not know your complete Chartfield String number, see the travel designee in your college/area.

The first 6 digit account number should be:

International Account Number: 606802
Professional Development (use on separate line for registration/conference fees):  660009

The amount and approval lines should be left blank until the travel is completed. 

If the traveler or another funding source is paying for the expenses, leave the chartfield string boxes blank. 

Once the memorandum to the Provost and the 1A form are complete, the submit the following items to the Provost office for approval within 30 days/40 days if traveling to a high risk country:

1.  Memorandum with traveler and dean signature

2.  A completed 1A (Authorization to travel) form with chair, dean and traveler signatures

3.  Program or agenda information

4.  Hotel reservations

5.  Airfare reservations

6.  CSURMA print out

7.  Travel advisory print out of the country you are visiting.

**Please note:  If you are traveling to a "High-Risk" country (Level 3 or 4), approval from both the Provost and President, will be needed.**



Steps to take after your trip