Preparing for Your Trip

The first step to starting your domestic travel on state business is completing the Authorization to Travel on State Business Form (also known as the 1A form).  This form must be received by the Provost’s office prior to the travel departure date.  All areas of the form must be completed before submitting.

Authorization to Travel on State Business Form

Here is a link to the fillable Travel 1A form. 

Completing the 1A form

Below you will find helpful information to completing each section of the form.  If a section does not apply to your travel, please indicate N/A. 

  • Purpose of Travel

Must indicate the purpose of travel.  Include as much detail as possible.  (i.e. name of conference or description of the meeting)

  • Expected Lodging

If the expected lodging amount is $275 or more per night (excluding taxes), you must include a justification on the lines provided for the exceeded rate.  In addition, you must have your HEERA manager sign on the “Approved by President/Vice President or designee” line in the “Expected Lodging” area.

  • Dates of Official State Business & Dates of Personal Travel

Must indicate the start and end date and time of official state business and personal travel. 

  • Destination(s)

Must include travel destination.

  • Traveling by

Must indicate the method of transportation to be used. 

Important Note:  According to the CSU guidelines it is required that the traveler purchase the least expensive round-trip or special rate ticket available.

If you are going to be renting a car, please see the UAS Car Rental Guidelines.

***For the updated rental code, please call Stacy Thomsen at Ext. 2075.***

  • Certification of Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements and Condition of Vehicle

The traveler must sign on the line certifying the information provided is true and correct. 

  • Name of person preparing form, if different than traveler 

The name of the travel designee for the college/unit as well as their phone extension must be included if the traveler themselves did not complete the form.  This is the individual that should be the contact for routing purposes and communication in regards to this travel.

  • The Person Named Above Has Been Approved for State Travel As Described

For faculty, the following signatures are required in the order listed below:

    1. Department Chair
    2. Associate Dean/Dean
    3. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

For administrators who directly report to the Provost, the following signature is required:

    1. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Funding Source – PeopleSoft Chartfield String

A chartfield string number must be included if you indicated that expenses are being paid by Cal Poly Pomona.  If you do not know your complete Chartfield String number, see the travel designee in your college/area.

The first 6 digit account number should be:

In-State Travel use: 606001
Out of State Travel use: 606002
Professional Development (use on separate line for registration/conference fees):  660009

The amount and approval lines should be left blank until the travel is completed. 

If the traveler or another funding source is paying for the expenses, leave the chartfield string boxes blank. 

Once the 1A has been completed, submit the complete form to the Provost’s office for signature.  Once it has been signed by the Provost, the Provost’s office will return the original 1A to the travel designee indicated on the 1A form.


Steps to Take After Your Trip


The Foundation Travel Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the procedures for Foundation Travel. The travel authorization, advance and expense reports are combined into a single form. Please use the most current Foundation Travel Authorization and Expense Report, Form Number FS02101F located on the Foundation Financial Services website. Travel Authorization and Expense Report (Section II) must be completed and submitted after the travel has occurred. This form can be found on the foundation website.