Temporary Emergency

This type of recruitment is to hire an incumbent on a short term temporary basis.  The length of a temporary emergency appointment is limited in duration and is determined by the classification's appropriate bargaining unit.  CSUEU Classifications is 90 days; may be extended up to an additional 90 days if the employing department formally recruits for the position.  

Below you will find the required documents that make a complete package for a temporary emergency position in your area.  They should be submitted in the order listed. 

1.  Cover Memorandum which includes the following information:
  • Indicate it's a temporary emergency position
  • Classification
  • Name of College/Department
  • Working Title (if applicable)
  • Indicate full-time, Part-time, or temporary, hourly, intermittent (if part-time, indicate time base)
  • Position Number
  • Funding Source
  • Start and End Date
  • Name of Person Replacing (if applicable)
  • Date and Reason for Separation (if applicable)
  • If you have a candidate in mind, indicate their name.

Click here for sample memo

2.  Temporary Emergency Request Form

Section VI of this form requires approval signatures.  The Department Head and HEERA Manager’s signatures must be obtained before submission to the Provost’s office.  If the Department Head and HEERA Manager is the same individual, please have that person sign in both boxes.

Click here for the Temporary Emergency Request Form

3.  Position Description

A position description is not required.  If you do not include a position description, you must complete the duties and percentages on the temporary emergency request form. 

When including a position description, please include a final version which has been reviewed by Sandra Bufalini, Manager, Employment/Compensation and Classification. 

The Provost’s office will verify the following items in the position description:

  • Box #2 is left blank
  • An individual’s name is included in both #8 & #9
    • If the individual is the same person, indicate the person’s name in both boxes. 
  • #26 & #27 is signed by the individual listed in #8 & #9
    • If the individual is the same person, please have them sign on both lines.
4.  Organizational Chart

Include your current organizational chart which indicates current administrators and staff personnel within the unit/area.  Also include this new position in your organizational chart.

5.  If you have a candidate in mind

If you have a candidate in mind for this temporary emergency position, please include their complete University application, resume, and supplemental application form.


For questions about the information requested above, please contact Mahiha Choudhury, Employment, Compensation & Classification Analyst, at ext. 4528 or mchoudhury@cpp.edu