Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC)

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We are excited you have decided to continue your education at our California State University (CSU) campuses. You are receiving this form because you are enrolled in Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC) as your senior year mathematics course. Some campuses allow MRWC students who receive a C or better in the course to avoid the requirement to enroll in supported mathematics classes at the CSU. If you will be attending CSU San Bernardino, Cal Poly Pomona, San Jose State University, or CSU Long Beach in the Fall 2018, please complete the form so that we can inform your campus about your participation in MRWC. 

If you did not complete the form by Tuesday, May 29, 2018, you forgo the opportunity to take advantage of the preferred course placement described above, your MRWC course will still count for the purpose of admission. 

Please send an email to with subject line 'MRWC High School' if you need assistance.