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Course Outlines

CLS 101-101A

Freshman Experience

Introduction to the University and the development of skills and knowledge needed to be a successful student and life-long learner through an examination of selected topics within the arts, humanities and social sciences. Read complete Course Outline.

SCI 101/101A and 102/102A

Science and Mathematics: Freshman Experience

Development of the student as a scientist or mathematician.  Role of science and mathematics in society.   Developing attitudes and behaviors leading to academic success and active learning.  Community building through collaborative learning activities.  Development of long-term good health and wellness practices.
Read complete Course Outline.

SCI 110/110A-111/111A

Success in Science

Overview of the role science plays in society, an introduction to lives of diverse scientists and their impact on science and society, and exploration of the various careers in science. Exploration of student and University expectations at Cal Poly Pomona. Promotion of life-long learning skills that will enable students to be successful not only in college, but throughout their lives. Read complete Course Outline.

EGR 100/100L

The Engineer and Society

The development and expectations of the engineer as a member of society. The study of the integration of society and technology. Development includes: introduction to the fields of engineering and engineering technology, career planning, development of a community of learners, critical thinking, problem solving skills for lifelong learning, and ethical and professional behavior. Read complete Course Outline.