Grading Forms and Procedures

Faculty have the sole right and responsibility to provide careful evaluation and timely assignment of appropriate grades. 

The administrative grading symbols AU, I, IC, RD, RP, W, and WU along with the definitions, rules, and procedures governing their application shall be utilized as circumstances require on all California State University campuses.  No other grading symbols except the traditional grades of A, B, C, D, or  F; or the non-traditional grades of A, B, C, NC; or CR-NC (where specifically authorized) shall be employed without the express prior approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer.  To the extent permitted by Section 40104.1 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, each campus may use plus and minus designations in combination with traditional letter grades of A, B, C, and D.

Helpful Hints 

Help Getting Online

Just look on the right hand side of the Instructor page on BroncoDirect. If you can't get that far because you have forgotten your BroncoNumber or password, contact the Help Desk at ext. 6776 or

Help with Access to Grade Rosters

If a grade roster is missing, or if you believe that you have a roster in error, please contact Academic Programs at ext. 6975.

Help Entering Grades

If you have questions about entering grades, contact Cynthia Chatfield in the Registrar’s Office at 909-869-2101, or Cynthia Brown in Academic Programs at 909-869-3121,

Submitting Late Grades

A new process was instituted last year  for submitting late grades if you miss the deadline, or if some error occurs.  The new process is described at Late Graduate Submition Form

Grading Procedures

  1. Grade rosters are available no later than Monday morning of Finals Week.  
  1. All grading must be completed by 6:00 AM (that's the MORNING) on the Wednesday following Finals Week.
  1. Every entry listed on the grade roster page is a roster that must be approved and saved.
    • Open University students are listed on separate rosters, indicated by an E in front of the section number.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If all of the students in a section have been assigned a grade by the Registrar's Office (such as a "W"), you still need to approve and save that roster.
  1. You must enter grades for all students in a section before you can approve the roster for that section.  However, you may save the roster at any time.  You are encouraged to SAVE often.
    • Only an instructor of record can enter grades.  In case of emergency, contact your dean's office for assistance.
    • If you need to assign a student a grade of CR or NC, you MUST ENTER A LETTER GRADE.  The software will change the letter grade to CR or NC as appropriate.
    • The appropriate grade for a student who stopped attending, or never attended, your class is WU.  If the student is on your roster in error (for instance, the student attended another section), a grade change can be completed later.
  1. It is very important to APPROVE and SAVE your roster after you have finalized the grades.  This action RECORDS your grades.  This is a two-step process, and should not be done too quickly.
    • Make sure that the computer has completed processing the grades before you Approve (at the top of the page), and that the computer has completed Approving before you Save (at the bottom of the page).
    • When you successfully approve and save the grade roster, a message will pop up on the screen to verify this.  Click "OK" to acknowledge this message.  You cannot make any changes to the roster after this.
  1. You can verify that the grading of a roster has been successfully completed.  When you return to the roster, the approval box will be "greyed out" and the grade entry boxes will not be present.  If you want proof that you completed the grading process for any roster, we suggest that you take pictures of the screen with the pop-up box and this final screen.
  1. During the grading period, the Registrar's Office will POST approved rosters each business day around 4 pm.  This action posts the grades to the students' records.  At that point, students will be able to see their grades.

eHelp Documentation on Grading

Late Grade Submission Memo (PDF)

Online Incomplete Contract (PDF)

Online Change of Grade Form (PDF)