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About Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies Mission


The Graduate Studies Program is an integral part of the University. Its mission is to advance the research, creative and scholarly work in all disciplines and to foster the intellectual and personal development of post-baccalaureate students and enhance their ability to contribute to their professions and communities.

The Vision of Cal Poly Pomona

The Graduate Studies Program will be recognized for its academic excellence and for its contributions to the academic community, the University, the region, the nation, and the world.  The post baccalaureate programs will develop new theoretical and empirical knowledge and design innovative methods and technologies to discover and disseminate that knowledge.  Graduates of the programs will have the knowledge and skills to make contributions to their discipline and to meet the needs of the society. 

Graduate Studies Objectives and Outcomes (Under Revision)

Each graduate program shall:

  • promote the cultivation of scholarship and the expansion of knowledge, the development of professional skills and scholarly research at the post-baccalaureate level, and the interchange of ideas among students and faculty;
    • develop educational programs on campus, off-site and through distance learning technologies that join theory and practice and instill in students the spirit of inquiry and responsiveness to regional, educational, and societal needs;
    • create a student-centered environment accessible to individuals of diverse ages, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds that enhances a lifelong commitment to learning among its students, enabling them to lead professionally rewarding and socially beneficial lives in the 21st century.

Upon completion of their studies, all graduate students will have the ability to:

  • excel in written and oral communication, with the ability to convey complex ideas clearly, consistently, and logically;
  • evaluate the reliability and comparative worth of multiple competing information resources presented in different media and/or different languages, and incorporate such knowledge and methods in projects, papers or performances, with citations in forms appropriate to those resources;
  • demonstrate advanced mastery of the major theories, techniques, practices, research methods, and approaches to inquiry specific to the field of study and illustrate both their applications and their relationships to allied fields;
  • utilize the research or scholarship of the discipline and original ideas to produce scholarly or creative projects, papers or performances consistent with disciplinary standards that contribute to the advancement of their field.

Each graduate program is responsible for establishing specific learning goals and outcomes for students in their programs.

Graduate Studies Office Mission

The Graduate Studies Office (GSO), under the direction of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs, provides leadership to graduate programs, overseeing the support and academic integrity of these programs. We are committed to advancing graduate students’ current and future academic success and providing services in a professional and courteous manner.