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Recertification of Expired Coursework


Title V Policy 

Title V, 40510, states, “A minimum of thirty semester units of approved graduate work completed within a maximum time to be established by each campus. Such maximum time shall be no more than seven years nor less than five years for each particular program. An extension of the time beyond the limit may be granted by appropriate campus authority if warranted by individual circumstances and if the outdated work is validated by examination, in the relevant additional course or subject field of work or such other demonstration of competence as may be prescribed.” 

Cal Poly Pomona, 2015-2016 Catalog 

The graduate degree program of not fewer than 45 units shall be completed within 7 years from the time the first course (including transfer courses) which applies to the degree requirements is started. This time limit, at the option of the university, may be extended for students who pass a comprehensive examination in the entire subject field or who validate the outdated coursework by examination. The plan for validation of outdated coursework must be negotiated in consultation with the graduate coordinator and approved by the College Dean and the Associate Provost. Documentation of the approved plan must be placed in the student’s permanent file.


Each Dean will approve policies consistent with Title 5 (40510) and the Cal Poly policy that have been proposed by their graduate programs concerning the following: 

  1. Method(s) of recertifying courses. 
  2. Maximum number of units that can be recertified. 
  3. Maximum age of courses being recertified. 
  4. Certification of transferred courses. 

Validation must be accomplished with prior approval from the student’s graduate coordinator, department chair, College Dean and the Associate Vice President for Academic Quality and Assessment. The student’s committee or graduate coordinator must determine the appropriate means to recertify the student’s course work. 


  1. Student will consult with his/her graduate coordinator or graduate committee to determine a plan to recertify expired coursework. 
  2. Graduate Coordinator is to send a Memo via the College Dean to the Associate Vice President for Academic Quality and Assessment, with the following information: 
    • Student must explain the circumstances as to why he/she was not able to finish the program within the time limit. 
    • List the outdated coursework (include course title, units, quarter/year it was taken) 
    • Explanation of how department will recertify outdated coursework and indication of time frame to complete the coursework
  3. If the request is approved by the Associate Vice President for Academic Quality and Assessment , the department will then take necessary steps to validate outdated coursework for student
  4. After student’s coursework is validated, student must file a graduate academic petition for a time extension. This petition must be accompanied with a memo from the graduate coordinator, via the College Dean’s approval, stating:
    • Results from the re-certification with a detailed list of the courses being recertified and a brief (one or two sentence) summary of the basis for the recertification. The details must include course title, units, and quarter/year it was originally taken.
    • A specific statement of the time limit to complete the program.
  5. The petition for a time extension, along with memo, will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Academic Quality and Assessment for final approval.