Applying for Graduation

  • Candidates must be enrolled in the University during the quarter in which they graduate. Students must submit a graduation application through Bronco Direct by the appropriate deadline. Please visit the Registrar’s website at: for deadline dates and instructions on how to apply for graduation and pay for graduation fees online. The application is valid only for the quarter for which it is submitted. Students failing to submit their application by the appropriate deadline may be required to graduate in a future quarter.
  • Students can monitor their degree progress through Bronco Direct. The Degree Progress Report is a tool that provides information about the completion status of graduate degree requirements. It indicates which requirements have been satisfied and which ones still must be completed. The Degree Progress Report is based on the student’s curriculum year of when they were first admitted into the Master’s degree program and is reconciled with the student’s Master’s contract. Due to the broad choice of electives some programs allow, the Degree Progress Report may not accurately reflect the Master’s contract until the graduation check is completed. Students who become inactive due to non-enrollment and do not file a leave of absence will have to be re-admitted to the University and will follow the curriculum year requirements for the newly admitted year/term.
  • External master’s programs (MIA, MSHM, MSA, MSEE and MS in Geology) do not have access to a Degree Progress Report. Students in these programs should follow their master’s contract and should consult with their graduate coordinator for questions or clarification regarding degree progress. The graduate coordinator and the Registrar’s office can provide guidance and assistance on graduation policies and procedures.
  • Graduation checks for all Masters are done automatically and do not need to be requested. Students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office via email when their graduation checks have been completed.   Students are to monitor their Degree Progress Report once a graduation check has been completed to view any deficiencies and take appropriate action. Graduate academic petitions, selection of electives on the contract, and official transcripts from other institutions if applicable should be received by the Registrar’s Office in a timely manner to ensure accuracy of the graduation check.

  • Questions about the degree progress report should be directed to the student's Transfer and Graduation Advisor (TGA). Contact information for TGA :