Graduate Studies

Contacts - Master's Projects and Theses

Your project or thesis will be reviewed by the library (first) and then final documenation submitted to the Graduate Studies Office (last).

Library format reviews

The University Library is responsible for two separate reviews required before you may submit your final project or thesis.  The purpose of the first "preliminary library format review" is to obtain feedback on the way in which you have formatted your project or thesis, according to the university guidelines. Then, after you have made any necessary format changes as a result of this initial review, you will schedule a second "final library format review" appointment.  (On a case-by-case basis, additional format review appointments may be scheduled.)

Appointments are required and should be scheduled with:

Marilu Salcedo, Administration Support Assistant 
University Library, Building 15, Room 4539

After reading the formatting page, as an optional learning tool, you may wish to take the format quiz to test your comprehension/retention of the information presented before coming to your Library appointment. 

You must bring the thesis & project electronic submission form to your "final library format review."

Graduate Studies Office submission

Graduate students will turn in the thesis & project electronic submission form, an original signed signature page, and electronic submission payment voucher to the Graduate Studies Office by the deadline before graduating.  Read the Graduate Studies Office Submission for more information. 

Appointments are required and should be scheduled with:

Rebecca Rivas, Graduate Analyst
Graduate Studies Office, Bldg. 1, Rm. 113

Bronco Scholar Submission

For questions on the project and thesis electronic submission process please email: or contact Ryan Rush, Institutional Repository Specialist, at (909) 869-3078.

Writing Center

Writing assistance is available from the LRC University Writing Center

Leonard Vandegrift, Coordinator 
Building 15, Room 2921 
(909) 869-5310

Contact information for Binderies 

If you wish to bind your own personal copies of your projects/thesis, below is contact information to a local bindery.


Out of State Bindery

You can also contact HF Group in Ohio. We have a negotiated rate with this Bindery.

HF Group-Ohio

8844 Mayfield Rd.

Chesterland, OH 44026


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