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Graduate Office Submission

Each quarter, graduate students will turn in their projects or theses to the Graduate Studies Office (CLA Bldg., 98-T7-18 [7th floor, Rm. 18]) before they graduate. In no case will a degree be awarded or diploma issued unless all copies of the complete, approved thesis or project have been submitted by the specified deadline to the Graduate Studies Office or department.  Please NOTE: Projects for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Engineering do not get submitted to the Library, but get submitted to their department.

Graduate students in Economics, English, Hospitality Management, Landscape Architecture (thesis only), Mathematics, and Nutrition & Food Science submit their theses and projects electronically. (Please see below for more information)

Checking a thesis or project

The Graduate Studies Office performs a final review of your project/thesis submission after the Library has completed format review. The Graduate Studies Office will check for:

  • Receipt of confirmation for payment of binding fees. Student will be given a payment voucher from the Library reviewer to pay binding fees at the Cashier's Office.
  • Report of Culminating Experience.
  • Library format reviewer signature on binding instructions form (PDF)
  • Spine title is less than or equal to 45 spaces
  • Indication of where copies will be sent (student copies should be labeled as "student/personal copy" and are sent to the department)
  • Title and signature page on each copy. Each copy should state and match with each other in regards to the paper being a thesis or project.
  • The two library copies should have original signatures.
  • Two copies should be on at least 25% cotton, 20 pound paper
  • Each copy should be separated by a colorful sheet of paper or divider
  • The project or thesis should be in a tightly fitted box

At this point:

  • The pink copy of the Thesis/Project Binding Order Form (receipt) is given to the student along with a copy of the binding instructions form as a record of submission.

The Graduate Studies Office is responsible for sending the students' projects and theses to the bindery. Approximately four to six weeks after the project/thesis submission deadline, the bindery will send back the bound copies. The Graduate Studies Office then sends out the bound projects/theses to the Library and the departments. Student copies are delivered to the students' department.

Electronic Submission of Theses and Projects

Graduate Students in Economics, English, Hospitality Management, Landscape Architecture (thesis only), Mathematics, and Nutrition & Food Science programs will submit their theses and projects electronically to the Library. Students should fill out a Thesis & Project Electronic Submission Form and follow the Thesis & Project Electronic Submission Checklist.  The Graduate Studies Office will require a payment receipt for the Electronic submission fee, the approved Thesis & Project Electronic Submission Form, and a signed project or thesis signature page. Binding of theses & projects is optional and would require additional fees.  Library copies are no longer required for students in these respective programs.