Graduate Office Submission

Graduate students are required to submit their projects and theses electronically through Bronco Scholar and the Thesis & Electronic Submission Form to Graduate Studies by the specified deadline.


Electronic Submission of Projects and Theses

Graduate Students who will be submitting a Project or Thesis electronically through Bronco Scholar should fill out a Project & Thesis Electronic Submission Form and follow the Project & Thesis Electronic Submission Checklist. The Graduate Studies Office will require an approved Project & Thesis Electronic Submission Form, and a signed project or thesis signature page. Library hard copies are no longer required.

If you have any issues during the electronic submission process, you may email the Bronco Scholar staff at or call 909-979-6950.  If you need to setup a time to review the Bronco Scholar Submission process, you can sign up here:  We ask that you complete as many steps outlined in the thesis & project electronic submission checklist before scheduling an appointment.  The guidelines available online are sufficient for most students submitting a thesis, project, or dissertation.