Cal Poly Pomona's Evidence-Based Assessment

The departments that offer degrees should align their programs with the goals and ambitions of the university. Academic program review engages faculty, students, and other stakeholders in the periodic study of how and how well a program fulfills the ambitions that the faculty has established. Program reviews examine curricular and co-curricular operations. These include: curriculum, instruction, student learning, advising, faculty professional development, student engagement and satisfaction, fiscal resources, and physical resources.

The review process notes past achievements and outlines current operations. It also asks those who hold authority over a program to look ahead and forecast how the program should evolve so that it continues to meet the needs of students, alumni, and the communities it serves. Program leaders report what they have learned and what they hope to accomplish to administrators, and the ensuing discussion helps determines a path forward.

Departments have assessment procedures for their programs that measure how and how well their programs fulfill the outcomes that the faculty has established. This annual process produces evidence of achievement and effectiveness that informs the cyclical review process. Assessments and reviews connect departments to the accreditation process that helps align campus operations with regional and national standards of quality, breadth, and scope.