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WSCUC Accreditation

WSCUC serves as Cal Poly Pomona’s accrediting agency, and its cyclical visits and requests for information ensure that our operations fulfill our obligations to our students and the State of California.

WSCUC accreditors will conduct a site visit as part of the campus’ 10-Year Review in the Spring of 2018, after Cal Poly Pomona has transitioned into the Semester system of operations.

Cal Poly Pomona received a full 10-Year accreditation as a result of its last cyclical review. Copies of our reports, reviews, and other related materials appear here:

Beginning in September 2016, the campus will formally launch its preparations for the next review. The Office of Academic Programs will help coordinate the participation and contributions of students, staff, and faculty representatives who will help shape our reports and establish a case for reaccreditation. Information about related opportunities will appear here in the coming months.