Academic Master Planning Timeline
2016-2017 Academic Year

Months Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Design and Plan Process. Consult with Academic Senate and other constituents.
Constitute Academic Master Plan Steering Committee
Constitute Academic Master Plan 10 Working Groups
First meeting of Steering Committee
First meeting of Working Groups
Working groups work independently to prepare responses/plans to critical questions.
Working groups submit responses/plans to critical questions to Steering Committee.
Responses/plans prepared by working groups shared with campus communitity for feedback.
Steering Committee will receive feedback from campus community.
Steering Committee will working group responses to identify major and unifying themes.
Plenary session of Steering Committee and Working Groups to to refine themes and strategies.
Complete a first draft of the University's academic master plan.
Receive feedback from campus community about the academic plan.
Submit Academic Plan to President Coley for approval.

Details of the academic master planning process can be found at