Authorized Use:  The Bronco Access Card, and all uses of, is governed by the University and remains the property of Cal Poly Pomona. This card is non-transferable.

Students:  Strict privacy rules govern the release of information concerning individual students. The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act, commonly known as FERPA, makes mandatory the protection of students' privacy in regard to the educational records of current and former Cal Poly Pomona students.  Certain information, referred to as "Directory Information", may be disclosed to individuals other than the owner of the record without prior consent.  For more information on Cal Poly Pomona's Directory Information, refer to the Registrar's Oiffice website at

Your photograph, and any other personal information not considered "directory information" can be released only to an employee of the University who has a legitimate educational need to know, certain specific government agencies, or to other individuals only if the student signs a written release.

University Employees and Affiliates: Your photograph is protected by the Information Practices Act and will not be released unless permitted or required by law.

Privacy Restriction: Your photograph will be used to create your Bronco Access Card. Its uses will be subject to the University Policy for Usage of Computing Resources and Privacy Rules on Confidentiality of Student Information.

Read a detailed explanation on Cal Poly Pomona's privacy and usage policies.