After You Apply

  1. Send official transcripts and/or supporting documents as soon as requested on your BroncoDirect To Do List.  
  2. Review the important dates listed below.
  3. Your academic department may require you to submit supplemental materials including standardized test results, letters of recommendation, resume, portfolio, professional statements, etc.  All supplemental materials must be sent directly to the department and not to the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Planning.  To verify what is required for your particular program, review the department website, or contact the appropriate Graduate Coordinator. Please note:  Supplemental documents requested by the academic department will not appear on your To Do List in your BroncoDirect Account.
    Contact Information about Graduate Coordinators for each program is available at the Graduate Coordinators website.

Next Steps for the Enrollment Process

The Graduate Student Handbook, contains helpful information about the admissions process, university and academic policies, resources and services for graduate students, and graduation procedures. In addition, links are provided at the end of handbook to academic forms which are most frequently used by graduate students.

  1. Register for Classes
    Information regarding course registration process and dates is available on the Registration website.
  2. Pay Tuition and Fees
    Go to Paying Your Fees website for information about payment options, processes and deadlines.