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Testing Requirements for Graduate & Post-Baccalaureates

Graduate Writing Test (GWT)

All persons who receive undergraduate, graduate, or external degrees from Cal Poly Pomona must pass the Graduation Writing Test (GWT). Credential students may waive the GWT, but will need to pass it to be admitted to the master's program.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Some departments require new graduate students to take the General and/or Subject Test of the GRE before admission.

The GMAT is required for those who seek the Master of Business Administration degree or the degree of Master of Science in Business Administration. Some departments also require the Subject Test of the GRE in their subject matter areas. Other departments require a locally developed qualification exam.

Required Admissions Tests

Program GRE
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership X7
M.S. in Agriculture X1
Master of Architecture X
M.S. in Biological Science X
Master of Business Administration X
M.S. in Business Administration X
M.S. in Chemistry X
M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Economics
M.A. in Education
M.S. in Electrical Engineering X3
M.S. in Engineering X3
M.S. in Engineering Management X3
M.S. in Hospitality Management X6 X
M.S. in Geological Sciences X11
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering X3
M.S. in Civil Engineering X3
M.A. in English
M.A. in History
Master in Landscape Architecture X4
Master of Interior Architecture X10
M.S. in Mathematics
M.S. in Kinesiology
M.S. in Psychology
Masters of Public Administration X9
M.S. in Regenerative Studies X5
Master of Urban and Regional Planning X8

1  GRE only required for Nutrition and Food Science Option; Sports Nutrition Option.
2   GRE general test score 1600 or higher.
3   Under 3.0 undergraduate GPA in upper division courses in math, science and engineering; or undergraduate degree from a non-ABET accredited curriculum.
4  Send scores directly to the Department of Landscape Architecture Graduate Programs by Feb. 15.
5   Under 3.0 undergraduate GPA degree awarded from a non-accredited university or college (includes foreign institutions) or if the applicant has not attended an accredited institution within the past seven years.
6  Either accepted; GMAT is highly recommended.
GRE general test score 1000 or higher.
8   Applicants with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.0 must submit GRE results at the time of application.
9   Under 3.3 undergraduate GPA.
10  Recommended but not required.
11  GRE score in the 50th percentile or better on the verbal and quantitative components.



Students must demonstrate competency in writing skills to receive an undergraduate, graduate, or external degree from Cal Poly Pomona. Graduate students are eligible to take the GWT upon entrance to Cal Poly Pomona and are required to take the GWT by the quarter following the completion of 8 units.

Students who have passed the GWT in undergraduate status at Cal Poly Pomona will not be required to take the test again when they change to graduate status.

Check for up-to-date information on GWT requirements