How to Apply to CPP

International Freshmen Application

International Freshmen Application

Explore and choose a major
We recommend that you choose a first and second-choice major. International students must have a declared major for a student visa to be granted, so applying as an “undeclared” student is not an option.  To explore our undergraduate degree options, visit our list of Degrees and Programs.

Apply online by the deadline
The application for Fall admissions is open from October 1-November 30, visit Cal State Apply. The application fee is $55 and must be paid in order to submit application. 

Cal Poly Pomona makes admission decisions based on self-reported information from the application and it is important that coursework including grades and test scores are entered accurately and completely.

SAT or ACT test scores

Applicants studying in the US

Applicants must take the SAT or ACT.  Official test scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Planning by January 31. For more information about these tests, visit College Board or ACT.

Applicants studying outside the US

Applicants studying outside of the US are exempt from the SAT/ACT requirement, except for students applying for Impacted Majors. For more information visit International SAT or International ACT

  • For the SAT, to send your test scores to all Cal States applied to, use code 3594.
  • For the ACT, use Cal Poly Pomona’s institution code of 0202.

English proficiency

If you have not completed at least three years of full-time enrollment at a high school where English is the principal language of instruction, you must take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.