Requirements & Eligibility Index

Admission Requirements for International Freshmen

Applicants must meet the minimum California State University (CSU) eligibility requirements listed below.

  1. Meet CSU eligibility requirements, see below.
  2. Meet all testing requirements.
  3. Obtain a F-1 student visa.
  4. Complete and submit the I-20 request form (PDF) along with bank statement, letter or financial guarantee.
  5. Submit proof of measles and rubella immunization (PDF).

Minimum CSU eligibility requirements

  1. Graduate from high school.
  2. Have completed each of the following courses with a grade of C or higher before high school graduation. 
  3. If necessary, complete and submit your SAT or ACT scores.
  4. Submit official AP Scores, if applicable.
  5. Complete TOEFL if necessary.