Governmental & External Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Governmental and External Affairs at Cal Poly Pomona.

The Office of Governmental and External Affairs oversees all communication and outreach between local, state, and federal offices and the Cal Poly Pomona community. The mission of Governmental Affairs is to work with elected officials and government agencies to advocate for the university on behalf of our students, faculty and staff.


Governor Brown has proposed $119 million in additional ongoing funding for the CSU, as well as $25 million in one-time funds for deferred maintenance. This is a solid sign of reinvestment from the state after the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in recession-era cuts. However, this amount is still $97 million short of the CSU Board of Trustees’ budget request made in November 2014. Subsequently, the CSU has been working with the State Legislature to close this gap in order to increase enrollment, hire additional faculty and advisors, and repair our aging campuses.

Eighty-three members of the California Legislature - Democrats and Republicans, Senators and Assembly Members - have joined forces to urge their leadership and the Governor to provide the additional $97 million originally requested by the CSU. We thank these 83 leaders for their continued support of what the CSU does for California. Please express your appreciation to these Members.