Student FAQs

What is MyPlanner?

MyPlanner is a new tool in BroncoDirect/PeopleSoft that will help students create a concrete plan to reach graduation at a specific time, as well as aid students in graduating before semester conversion or helping them to more seamlessly transition to the semester calendar.


What is an Individual Academic Plan (IAP)?

In order for the University to fulfill its pledge to students that Semester Conversion should not impede progress toward graduation, Individual Academic Plans or IAPs are being required. After you develop a plan using the MyPlanner tool, at a certain point in time you will receive a to do list item in your Student Center and you will be required to submit your plan for review by an advisor. Once your plan is reviewed and approved, it will be kept in PeopleSoft as your official plan. If you make changes to your plan at a later time than the pledge will be invalidated. Typically, you are not allowed to complete multiple IAPs but you may be allowed depending on the circumstance.


How does MyPlanner work?

Students will be able to plot their required and elective courses for each term, while being able to review a copy of the Degree Progress Report to see which courses in their major they need to graduate and add those courses to their planner. They will also be able to add courses from the catalog to their plan. MyPlanner also allows students to modify their plan when they need to change a course.


Why should I use MyPlanner?

Successful students set achievable goals and timelines. Planning your time to degree and evaluating your progress regularly will help you with achieving your end goal of graduation. The sooner you graduate, the more money you save and the sooner you will be able to achieve your post-graduation goals.


How will MyPlanner assist me during Semester Conversion?

By using MyPlanner and working with your advisor, you will be able to make a plan to graduate before semester conversion or more seamlessly transition to the semester calendar. Having a plan will help support your graduation goal and potentially save you time and money.


How will I know when a course is being offered?

Every department has created a listing of courses that they “plan to offer” each quarter through spring 2018. The three year course offerings list is located on the My Planner website. By consulting these, students will be able to see when their desired courses will be available as they create their plan.


What happens if a course is not offered when I have it scheduled?

Your course plan in the MyPlanner tool can easily be adjusted by moving courses to new locations within the schedule. Unfortunately, MyPlanner does not automatically adjust. You will need to continuously update your plan to ensure accuracy.


What happens if I need to retake a course?

Your course plan in the MyPlanner tool can easily be adjusted by moving courses to new locations within the schedule. Needing to retake a course may increase your time to graduation.


Can my advisor see my plan in MyPlanner?

Because MyPlanner is an online tool in PeopleSoft, both the student and their advisor(s) will be able to view the plan and track both notes and comments. The MyPlanner tool will also give departments information on demand for upcoming courses so that they will have more of an opportunity to try to provide the number of seats needed.


When will academic year 2018-19 courses be approved and available to use in MyPlanner?

All departments have submitted their semester courses, and those courses are now in the approval process.  According to the University curriculum timeline, information about Semester courses will be available by Summer 2017.