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See my advisor AGAIN? I know what I have to take.

Meeting with your advisor can be a rewarding experience.  Your academic advisor can help you plot your academic program so that there are no surprises in your senior year.  Not only that, but your advisor can serve as a sounding board for career exploration – Am I a good fit for the major and career I’m pursuing?  Will an advanced degree be required?  How might a minor enhance my preparation, or satisfy some side interest I have?  Your advisor can be someone who gets to know you better than most on campus, and as such might be best qualified to support you when it comes to recommendations needed for graduate studies, or a job you might one day apply for.  In many respects, your advisor will serve as your academic guide through college, so make the most of this important relationship.

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The Purpose of Advising

Ask Billy

Ask Billy



Ready, Set, Graduate!

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Graduation Workshops will help you understand the process of applying for graduation. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to attend. No registration required. Read more here...

CSU Online Concurrent Enrollment (OCE)

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More Choices for Classes! CSU Online Concurrent Enrollment (CourseMatch) Students enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona have access to fully articulated online courses at other quarter CSU campuses through Online Concurrent Enrollment (CourseMatch). This access is offered without students being required to be admitted formally to the other CSU campus, and sometimes without paying additional fees. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine how such a course may apply to their degree program, prior to enrolling at another CSU campus. Read more here...

The Graduation Initiative

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With a focus on retention and improved graduation rates campus-wide, the mission of the Graduation Initiative is clear, “To reinforce quality education and promote academic success by understanding the issues that hinder retention and completion and addressing the findings with appropriate interventions, services, and practices.”  Interested in learning more and getting involved?   Learn more here.