Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

What's New in AMM

This page will contain the newest information concerning the AMM degree program.  Check back frequently for updates.

 Congratulations to our four YMA Scholarship winners

Jonathan Mayorga, Viridiana Navarro, Gabriela Ramirez, and Ashley Garcia each received $5,000 in the 2018 competition.  Read more about their story.  View pictures from their trip to New York to receive their awards.

Congratulations to our faculty, Dr. Chitra Dabas

Dr. Dabas is the recipient of the CPP Wall of COOL Award.  Read more about this award.

Target Stores Mentoring Program

There's a new program for AMM students to get more real-world experience before graduating.  Check our Facebook page for more details.

 Another AMM Entrepreneur -Jina Chang and Shop Girls Crew

Check out the company website--- .

Semester Conversion

The Cal Poly Pomona campus is in the midst of semester conversion.  Semester conversion will be implemented in Fall 2018.  Current students should be talking with their advisors about how this will affect their coursework and graduation dates.  Read more about semester conversion on the Cal Poly website.