Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Peer Advisors

About This Club

The Ag Peer Advisor program is a unique leadership experience for students in the Huntley College of Agriculture.  It provides students the opportunity to participate in the college’s retention and first-year experience efforts.  Those students selected to serve gain valuable experience working in a team environment, interacting with students and faculty, and developing leadership and career skills.

The primary duty of an Ag Peer Advisor is to be a resource for incoming new students, both freshmen and transfer students.  This is accomplished by serving as a teaching assistant in the freshmen/transfer first year experience (FYE) classes, conducting Transfer Roundtables, and holding office hours in the Student Success Center.  In addition, Ag Peer Advisors participate in a variety of other college and university activities, including orientation, Bronco Fusion, Club Fair & Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Festival, and Open House.  The Ag Peer Advisors also publish The Aggie, the College of Agriculture’s student handbook and planner.

The Ag Peer Advisors are a chartered organization with the University and as such, elect an officer team, participate in the College of Agriculture's student government, Ag Council, and conduct fundraising activities. 

Students interested in becoming an Ag Peer Advisor must participate in the annual selection process. Applications are accepted in January each year. Qualified applicants then participate in a selection workshop and an individual interview during the month of February. Ag Peer Advisors are announced in March and training begins in spring quarter. Ag Peer Advisors serve a one-year term beginning with summer quarter and continuing through the following spring quarter.