Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Club Officers & More

President:  Talia Marroquin
Vice President:  Sandy Nhan
Secretary:  Sophie Ratcliff
Treasurer:  Ani Kourchians
Publicity:  Elisabeth Wolfe
Ag Council Rep:  Claire Stewart
Social Chair:  Silke Hoffmann
Historian:  David Frausto
Planner Chair:  Irene Ngo
Advisor:  Rhonda Ostrowski
Club Email:
Club Website:
Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Every Thursday/12:00 p.m./2-206
Club Majors:  All agriculture majors
Number of Members:  10
Club Events & Activities:  Orientation, Open House, COA Planners
General Information:  Students interacting with faculty and freshmen to increase retention as well as gain leadership and career skills.
History of Club:  Established in 2004-2005.
Club Goals:  To be a resource for incoming new students, both freshmen and transfers.