Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Ag Council

About This Club

Ag Council is the umbrella organization for all the student clubs and organizations within the College of Agriculture. As the student government for the college, Ag Council has its own team of officers and meets every Tuesday at noon. It is the central funding link between ASI (Associated Students Incorporated) and the College of Agriculture clubs. Each student club has two representatives that sit on the council. 

Ag Council sponsors many college-wide activities and events such as the Fall Leadership Luncheon, the Club Fair & Ice Cream Social, and Pizza with the Dean, and Spring Fling. It also participates in the planning of Pumpkin Festival. 

All students in the College of Agriculture are welcome to attend Ag Council general meetings held every other Tuesday at noon in room 2-218.

2017 - 2018 Officers & More


Allison Mullen
Vice President:  Jessica Mazariego
Secretary:  Gabriela Morones
Treasurer:  Jaylen Davis
Publicity:  Suzanna Corral-Marcus
Event Coordinator:  Irene Ngo
Event Coordinator:  Megan O'Brien
Ag Senator Catherine Kavianian
Advisor:  Dr. Peter Kilduff
Advisor:  Chitra Dabas
Club Email:
Club Website:
Instagram: CPPAgriculture
Meeting Date/Time/Location:  Alternating Tuesdays/noon/2-218 
Club Majors:  All Agriculture majors 
Number of Members:  33 
Club Events & Activities:  Fall leadership luncheon, club fair & ice cream social, spring fling
Community Service Projects:  Ag Beautification