Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Agribusiness Management Club

About This Club


The Agribusiness Management Club is a professional organization created to promote the students in the food and agribusiness industry. We work to encourage students entering the food marketing or agribusiness field to gain experience in the industry. Members get the opportunity to: meet new people and gain contacts within the food & agribusiness industry through guest speakers and field trips; develop leadership skills; and become involved in internships.

This is also the social club for the ABM program. In addition to the educational activities mentioned above, the club attends various trade shows, has an end of the year banquet, and a great time hosting a carnival games booth and selling drinks at the annual Pumpkin Festival, among other activities. Not only that, but there is free food twice a month at the meetings. It is a great way to meet with other students in the major and establish your networking skills.

In addition to the social aspects, there is also the opportunity to participate in the Marketing team. The Food Marketing Team is a hands-on, actual marketing plan preparation that can be extremely useful in obtaining the job you have always wanted. This is a great way for you to earn units, as well as learn team skills, gain industry knowledge, and obtain valuable presentation skills. Every year the team designs a complete food marketing national plan that is presented at the annual Western Collegiate Food Marketing Competition, which takes place in the spring here at Cal Poly Pomona. Our students have done exceptionally well over the years at marketing competitions.

Agribusiness students had the awesome oppurtunity to be sponsored by the Produce Marketing Association Education Foundation to attend the July 2008 Produce Marketing Association Show in Anaheim, California. The students had direct interaction and mentoring from PMA members.

2016 - 2017 Officers & More

President: Diego Recinos-Walsh 
Vice President: Matt Pulford 
Secretary: Amanda Kelly 
Treasurer: Anthony Vong 
Publicity: Jason Paez 
Trip/Event Coordinator: Paula Rae Metheny 
Ag Representatives: Jacqueline Contreras, Felis Mercado 
Advisor: Dorothy Farias
Club Email: 
Club Website
Meeting date/time/location: Every other Thursday / 12:00pm / 2-113
Club Majors: All Agriculture majors
Number of members: 25
Club Events & Activities: Pumpkin Festival
Annual Trips/Travel:
Community Service Projects:
Club Goals: To see how agribusinesses operate within the Food, Plant, and Animal sectors of the agricultural industry.
Mission: To seek advice/knowledge from current industry leaders and prepare the ABM majors for a successful career.