Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Equestrian Drill Team

About This Club

Since its establishment, the Cal Poly Pomona Equestrian Drill Team has represented the W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center in its traditional Kellogg Arabian Horse Exhibitions mounted on Cal Poly's equitation horses.  Displaying the beauty, grace, and agility that the Arabian is famous for, our team performs series of precision maneuvers choreographed to music in both four-horse and six-horse routines.

As well as participating in the exhibitions, the team also takes part in fundraisers and special Cal Poly Pomona events such as the Pumpkin Festival and the Tractor and Car Show.

Our team is always looking for new potential members. We are dedicated to improving our riders' skills and helping them achieve their fullest potential; previous riding experience is not necessary. Our practices are held a couple days a week at the Kellogg Arabian Horse Center.  Please email us for more information regarding Drill Team, the Exhibitions, or how to join.

2015 - 2016 Officers & More

President: Ariel Gonzalez and Alysoun Prior
Vice President: Somer Taylor
Treasurer: Alison Klassen
Secretary: Nohely Sanchez
Historian: Jenna Armstrong
Ag Council Rep: Naomi De La Cruz
Captains: Jenna Faust, Ashley Ellis, Corina Anderson
Advisor: Marissa Shotwell-Tabke
Club Email:
Club Website/Facebook:
Meeting date/time/location: Quarterly/U-hour/ W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center or Building 2
Club majors: All majors
Number of members: 25
Club Events & Activities: Pumpkin Festival, Ice Cream Social, Spring Fling, Sunday Horse Shows, Strawberry Festival, Ag Open House
Annual Trips/Travel: Medieval Times, trail rides
Community Service Projects: Agriculture Beautification (3 times a year)
General Information: The Drill Team performs choreographed routines to music at the Sunday Horse Shows. We accept all levels of experience.