Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Los Robles Horticulture Club

About This Club

The Los Robles Horticulture Club was originally founded in 1940 for the students of Cal Poly Pomona having a common interest in the art of gardening. This makes the Los Robles Horticulture Club one of the oldest clubs on campus with a long and proud tradition in horticulture.

The Los Robles Horticulture Club is open to students of all majors in all colleges, and we welcome anyone with our common interest to join us in membership. Our membership benefits include field trips to various gardens and other horticulturally oriented facilities such as Lotus Land, the Huntington Library and Corona Clipper.

Our activities and benefits include:

  • Sponsoring competitive teams to national horticultural events
  • Guest speakers from the horticultural industry
  • Various fund-raising events to support our club and the College of Agriculture
  • Installing and maintaining displays in local garden and trade shows
  • Subsidizing ticket prices to various banquets, trips and events
  • Maintaining a connection with the American Society for Horticultural Science and the Association of Landscape contractors of America (ALCA); providing access to trade shows and job fairs
  • Providing a wonderful way to meet fellow students and to support something that we all believe in, the art of gardening

Please see our bulletin board in Building 2 near room 201 for more information on meetings and upcoming events.

2013 - 2014 Officers & More

President: Tony de Veyra
Vice President: Joshua Klockmann
Secretary: Monica Castellanos
Treasurer: Angela Vanoni
Publicity/Scheduler: Susan Kim
Ag Council Rep: Kevin Gerbracht, Jed Ball
Advisor: Duncan McKee
Club Email:
Club Website:
Meeting date/time/location: Alternating Thursdays/12:00 p.m./2-202
Club Majors: Plant Science
Number of members: 20
Club Events & Activities: Sponsoring competitive teams, Pumpkin Festival, Tractor Show, Ag Beautification
Annual Trips/Travel: End of the year horticultural field trips, botanical gardens, camping trips.
General Information: Club is open to all students, who will receive benefits such as field trips.
History of Club: Founded for students having an interest in gardening.
Club Goals: Fundraising events to support the club, sponsor competitive teams.
Mission: To provide a way to meet fellow students and to support something we all believe in, the art of gardening.