Virtual Field Trips Lesson 3: Farm Animals

Spring on the Farm
Virtual Field Trips

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Cars need fuel and our bodies need food! Without a well balanced diet, our bodies won’t grow healthy and strong like they should. In Lesson 4, we’ll take a look at MyPlate, a handy guide to assist us in choosing wisely the foods we eat. In the video, we explore the five food groups and how each contribute to our health and take a look at the variety of fruits and vegetables in our Children’s Garden, things you can easily grow at home. Also included are several fun activities to help you become a balanced diet expert!

Download and complete all activities including the Quiz to receive your Activity Badge and move one step closer to becoming a Discovery Farm Junior Farmer!

If you do not see the sheet after clicking the icon, check your downloads folder.

Plant Parts Video Crossword Search
MyPlate Worksheet Plant Maze
My Kitchen Scavenger Hunt Lesson 4 Quiz

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