Meera and Jasvant Modi International Conference

Ahimsa (Nonviolence) and the Quality of Life Workshop

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  • April 30, 2006; 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Cal Poly Pomona, Los Olivos Commons, Blue Room

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Nonviolence and Quality of Life: Soil, Soul and Society - Workshop with Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar offers us the gift of So Hum –“You are Therefore I Am.” His mental journey and inspirations need to become everyone’s inspiration, to help us to move from violence to nonviolence, from greed to compassion, from arrogance to humility.”

--Vandana Shiva, author of Staying Alive.

Nonviolence is a basic principle of a harmonious relationship with the natural world, the spiritual world and the social world. It is not an abstract concept. But rather a way of life. As such it informs how we live our day to day life, how we eat, drink, and work. It allows us to interact with each other, and with the natural environment in such a way that our lives are enriched and fulfilled.

The relationship with the natural world, with our own personal spiritual world and with the social world cannot be put in three separate compartments, they are a continuum. According to Satish Kumar, “when we are filled with reverence and respect for all life; not just human life but animal and plant life, water life, and the life of the earth, then the qualities of compassion and love blossom in us, which in turn makes us more creative, imaginative, and even happy.”

Satish Kumar calls this nonviolence as the trinity of Soil, Soul and Society. Soil represents the natural world, soul signifies the spiritual world, and society stands for the human world.

In this interactive workshop Satish Kumar will explore how such nonviolence can improve our quality of life and allow us to participate in social and political movements for peaceful, positive change.

Satish Kumar. Program Director at Schumacher College in Great Britain and Editor of Resurgence magazine—thoughtful journal of ecology, the environment, new economics, and spiritual values. He is the author of Path Without Destination (autobiography), You are Therefore I Am: A Declaration of Dependence, and Buddha and the Terrorist: The Story of Angulimal. He is a trusted voice on the cutting edge of the environmental movement. He was given the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation International Award for Promoting Gandhian Values. For more on Satish Kumar visit,

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The w orkshop is limited to 50 registrants. Early registration is recommended.

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For more information, contact: Professor Tara Sethia, Director, Ahimsa Center (909) 869-3868 or


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