Darbari S. Seth Foundation Conference on Nonviolence

Giving and Forgiving
November 18-20, 2016
Cal Poly Pomona,
Bronco Student Center, Ursa Major Suite (Fri-Sat); Ursa Minor (Sun)


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Conference Description

Giving and Forgiving is the theme of the 7 th biannual conference on nonviolence hosted by Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly Pomona in suburban Los Angeles.

Giving and forgiving are matters of the heart. The more magnanimity we evolve in our hearts, the easier it is for us to give and forgive. The more we give and forgive, the more enriched our lives become, widening our circles to include not only those who we give, but also those who we forgive

Giving includes not just charitable gifts or material objects, or donating food and clothing. It is giving when we give of ourselves, our time, our service, our knowledge, even our organs; expanding our love and friendship in the spirit of advancing our humanity. Giving need not be a response of pity or sympathy, of helping the “poor” or the “needy.” It can be an exercise in building empathy and gratitude, opening our hearts, supporting a cause – a journey toward self-fulfilment and joy.

Forgiving or seeking forgiveness, though related to giving, is a much more challenging task than giving. It requires giving of one's anger and ego so as to accept and embrace those we think have harmed us in some way. It is an exercise in utmost humility that enables us to seek forgiveness of any intended or unintended mistakes in any form. It is a process not based on forgetting the wrong or the harm done, but rather on remembering it so as to learn from it to not repeat it. Like giving, forgiveness too is ultimately good for the self.

Is there an art or science of giving and forgiving? Can we learn to cultivate giving and forgiving? What are the benefits of giving and forgiving. This conference will address such questions and

  • illuminate the significance of conference theme and its connection with nonviolence.
  • examine the inter-connectedness and synergy of giving and forgiving.
  • showcase scientific studies and experiments related to one or more aspects of giving and forgiving
  • explore how we can cultivate giving and forgiving.
  • discuss the benefits of giving and forgiving
  • illustrate the role of giving in addressing social, psychological, medical, and spiritual challenges individuals and organizations face.
  • Highlight the role and relevance of giving and forgiving in religious and secular traditions.

The conference is relevant to a wide range of diverse audience including college faculty and students, K-12 educators, business executives and other professionals, and members of the larger community.